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It may seem that nothing more could possibly be improved in the space of the former rotunda. But as always, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University is thinking a step ahead. Once the rotunda started operation, it became clear that a strict climatic regime needs to be maintained that would preserve the optimum values of humidity, dust, and temperature in order to prevent the monument from being damaged. Therefore, the number of visitors needs to be strictly regulated, and access to the rotunda should only be allowed on special occasions. Such occasions require a special expert guide to be available to visitors. And this is precisely the step ahead that the Faculty would like to take. With your support we would like to record an original audio guide that would lead the visitors through the rotunda, and install multi-coloured lighting for the individual historical findings to ensure better spatial orientation within the room. We are also thinking about developing a mobile application that would allow you to explore the rotunda even from the comfort of your own home, whenever you feel like it.



  • Warhorse Studios

    Warhorse combines the creativity of outstanding personalities of Czech game developing to create something epic. Our Team compromises people responsible for internationaly established games like Mafia, Operation Flashpoint, ARMA or UFO Aftershock. With Kingdom Come: Deliverance we are creating a first-person, open world, realistic, single player RPG that will take you deep into the medieval ages. Forget magic, elves or dragons – at Kingdom Come: Deliverance you’ll get hit by the dark ages at full tilt. The game release is scheduled to 2016.


    The company Vakuum Praha was founded in 1993 in the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University by people with great experience in vacuum physics and vacuum technology. They currently design and construct vacuum components and vacuum systems (including UHV and XHV). Their partners are, apart from the Czech universities and institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences, international institutions such as CERN in Geneva, JINR in Dubna, ETH in Zurich, and high-tech companies and laboratories. On a long-term basis the company supports young scholars by VP Grant, regularly subsidises the Olga Havel Foundation, and supports other beneficence.

  • Nielsen Admosphere

    There were few of us Math-Phys students at the beginning and we called ourselves MEDIARESEARCH. Right now we are a research agency with more than 100 employees. We mainly focus on methodologically and technologically demanding projects. We explore and measure electronic television audience and monitor all advertising. Our subsidiary developed cloud-based software Adwin Kite for users on media market. Apart from technologies, we also like marketing research and statistics analysis and data processing. With the background of the international company Nielsen we still keep the enthusiasm of a small company. The relation to our roots and history is reflected in our company’s strategy.

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    Výborný nápad. Rádi přispějeme na záchranu unikátní památky.

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    Važme si odkazu našich dávných předků.

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    Příležitost na záchranu unikátní památky.

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    ať se dílo podaří

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    Je třeba sehnat prostředky zhruba v ceně necelého jednoho kilogramu ryzího zlata. Ať tedy máme do začátku alespoň první gram.

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    Sancte Wenceslae, ora pro nobis!

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    Rotunda je součást paměti národa.

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    Milujte pravdu